They Do Wonders for Headaches

When I started suffering from painful, crushing headaches, you wouldn’t think I would end up looking for a chiropractor in San Francisco to find relief. That’s exactly how it played out, however. When the headaches first appeared, I thought perhaps something in my diet was causing the issue. Nothing I was eating was new, though, so I quickly ruled that out. Then I thought my mattress or pillows were at fault and bought new ones. Nope, the headaches persisted. As they increased in severity I began to fear the worst. I started thinking brain cancer or a tumor. It wasn’t fun.

I went to my general practitioner and he ran a bunch of tests and found nothing wrong. My blood pressure was fine, my diet was good, and my weight was fine. He couldn’t find anything except to say that I didn’t have a tumor or cancer. He asked a lot of questions related to migraine headaches, but I didn’t think that was the problem because I’ve actually had those at different times in my life and I know what they feel like. I had no auras or disturbed eyesight, and no nausea either. His ultimate advice was to take it easy.

Taking it easy wasn’t helping the headaches. I ended up going to a chiropractor as a last ditch effort because I thought maybe the headaches could be connected with a spine or neck issue. A pinched nerve? A compressed disk? It was possible. Maybe I hurt myself riding my bike. So I went in for an appointment and the chiropractor said it looked like I did indeed have a disc problem that needed immediate adjustment. He performed several adjustments and stretched my arms about and I had to admit I felt better. I’m going back again, but my headaches have already dropped off significantly.

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