Open Appointments with Santa Rosa Chiropractor

I could really use a trip to see a chiropractor because my back feels awful right now. It really just feels totally awful, and I do not know I am going to do if this pain doesn’t go away. I want to find a Santa Rosa Chiropractor to go see and have some work done on my back and my right shoulder in particular. I mean my left shoulder doesn’t feel good either, but my right one is just awful. I feel like I can barely move it. I can move it, but it just feels like I have drastically decreased amount of strength in the arm, and I have no idea what is going on.I guess I might have slept on my shoulder wrong, or something like that. It still doesn’t seem like a good explanation for the extreme amount of pain that I am in currently.

I am annoyed with all the pain I am in, and it has me in a pretty bad mood, to be quite honest. I am annoyed with my kids and I wish they were not annoying me so much.But I really can’t handle it. Read More →